How we became who we are

Tero Vido GmbH is an aspiring start-up, led by dedicated engineers and  enthusiastic archaeologists. We established our enterprise to design, develop and market a new generation of geophysical detection devices, including metal and gold detectors,ground radar and 3D ground location instruments.

This is our business idea, and we are proud to be able to support archaeologists, treasure hunters and civil engineers worldwide in their work, and to help them to discover and precisely locate hidden objects in the ground.

Intensive research and extensive tests were needed to finally create the machines that meet our high demands as professional users and German engineers. We are glad and proud that we already have a solid customer base for our detectors.

Our geophysical instruments are used for archaeological, military and industrial purposes, as they will locate underground voids and tunnels, cables and pipes, as well as metal objects, coins, precious metals such as gold or silver, treasures and geological anomalies.

A sophisticated and reliable search technology, combined with specially developed software, gives our detectors a significant advantage compared to most other machines on the

Our devices are easy to use, robustly built and work reliably – every time.

Additional to our core competencies as builders one of the professionals detectors on the market, we offer comprehensive support for our customers. This includes intensive consulting and teaching, as well as online-support or even the assistance in customers’ search missions or the development of custom-made detection devices.


Our Partners