The Tero Vido® 3D-System is a ready-to-use detection system.

The application “TeroVido3D Universal App” is used to control the TeroVido system and to display the recorded measurement data. The TeroVido system is a 3D measuring device for the detection and precise localization of anomalies in the ground. In addition, it is perfectly suited for detecting and locating underground cavities such as bunkers, graves or tunnels. It also shows you whether they are magnetic metals such as iron or steel, or non-magnetic precious metals such as gold, silver or copper. The user scans the ground with the sensor and the scan results are displayed on the screen in real time. This application can only be used with Tero Vido equipment.

The “TeroVido3D Universal App” is equipped with several functions that no professional treasure hunter, archaeologist, prospector, gold prospector and ground investigator should do without. In addition to the 3D visualization of the detected treasure finds and the measurement of the depth, position and size of the find objects, the „TeroVido3D Universal App“ has the following functionality:

In order to make the TeroVido3D Universal App Software available to as many treasure hunters, archaeologists and geologists as possible worldwide, the “TeroVido3D Universal App” is also available in the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch

Download User Manual: German | English | Espanol

The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows


If you purchased your floor scanner before March 2018, please download the software “TeroVido3D” instead. You will also find the manuals for each device on our website. Do you now have everything you need to start your treasure hunt? Then we wish you much success and fun with our TeroVido devices! Free and automatic updates of the software will include improvements and other languages


– Representation as 2D and 3D graphics
– depth measurement
– Determination of the object position
– Print output
– data export for further processing in other software (e.g. Voxler from Golden Software)
– Large Area Scanning – L.A.S.
– Frequency analysis
– Variable grid display
– Optimized live image
– Discrimination mode to distinguish precious metal, non-precious metal and cavity 
– Automatic field completion for missing signals
– Automatic correction of erroneous signals
– Functions to improve the graphics (e.g. interpolation, color filter)
– Freely selectable scaling and displacement as well as 360° rotatable 3D ground scans

Supported devices

– TeroVido Expander
– TeroVido Expander Gold
– TeroVido TVPI
– TeroVido 3D System Basic
– TeroVido 3D System Basic Plus
– TeroVido 3D System Pro Edition
– TeroVido XS-2021
– TeroVido X-2021 Pro


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