Roaming the forests, venture forward into unknown territories, looking for hidden treasures and unveil the secrets of the ground – who can say he never had this fantasy, to be a real treasure hunter and discover secret objects with the help of professional technical equipment?

This fantastic imagination held us, a team of young and ambitious engineers, in its grip and we never lost track of it.
To have this fantasy become a reality, we had to find the right equipment. All available detectors on the market were either bulky, difficult to use, or simply not functional. The techniques that were used to detect for example metallic objects in the ground required al lot of experience, expert knowledge and complicated technical equipment. And still you only uncovered only a fraction of what was really „down there“. In the end, only an excavation brought certainty.

But there had to be a way to get reliable information on the underground without the need of excavation.
This led us to the idea to starting to develop our own underground detectors. We developed an easy to use search method and an innovative graphical representation of the data, including a 3D size and depth determination. Until now it was not possible to get detailed images of the underground and repeatable results. We changed that and designed a new generation of 3D underground detectors, lightweight, easy to use, robust and small, operated only with a tablet and our proprietary software.

These new detectors are suitable for the search of metallic objects, tunnels and cavities, pipes, cables and other deep buried anomalies. They are of great interest, not only for amateur treasure hunters but also for professional archaeologists, engineers and any one who needs to know what is hidden in the ground.

Our company, Tero Vido GmbH is an up-and-coming dynamic enterprise from the heart of Germany, and the object of our business is researching, developing and marketing geophysical measuring instruments and ground radar.
We are proud to help a growing number of clients worldwide to fulfil their goals.
We are always here for you; to assist you in finding the best machine or even develop custom made solutions for you. Our biggest concern is your success and our best advertisement is a satisfied customer.

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