We have collected a number of frequently asked questions from out clients and given the best possible answers.
If you habe another question, please send us an email at: info@tero-vido.com. We will update our FAQ list continuously.

Features and performance

How can I know the depth of the object?

We have added a depth scale in the evaluation window. Depending on the ground condition (soil composition and geographical area on the Earth) this feature will help you to get a good idea about the approximate depth of your find.

Can the detector help me to find precious stones?

Natural precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires or opal are very often found in combination with ore and minerals. These minerals can be represented on the scan image as anomalies.

Is it possible to scan inside of buildings?

Yes, but the results will be affected by metals or electric cables, rebar concrete etc.

Is it possible to detect water?

The Tero Vido® 3D-­‐Systems measures anomalies in the magnetic field. A water-­‐filled cave, or limited ground water reservoir, or an underground stream will be shown as a cavity.

Can I also detect cables and pipes?

Yes, you can also detect cables and pipes. However, if you are mainly looking for utilities, we would recommend you the Tero Vido® Construction Series detectors (www.terovido-­‐construction.com), as they are more sensitive and have been developed for this kind of work.

Can I find single coins?

Yes, but only close to the surface. Coins in boxes or pots, as part of a treasure can be found in a larger depth.

Can I detect caves, graves or tunnels?

Yes, the Tero Vido® 3D‐System is especially good for locating underground cavities, such as canals, rooms, caves, tombs or other empty spaces.

Is it possible to find gold with the Tero Vido® 3D-­‐System?

Yes, the Tero Vido® 3D-°©‐System can detect gold. Gold bullions or coins, or other treasures, especially when they have been buried for a longer time are easy to detect. 

What is the maximum scan depth of the detector?

Depending on size of target and ground condition: 10 – 15m.

Scan and analysis

Can I directly see what is hidden in the ground?

When you scan larger objects, the shape can become visible directly, which will give you an idea of the size of the object. A good idea is also to use the direct view mode (frequency behavior in your software). In this mode, you will be able to see immediately if there are clearly defined objects or if you have ferrous or non-­‐ferrous metals or voids.

Will the measuring result be influenced through electromagnetic fields such as trains, airports, high voltage lines etc.?

No, as the Tero Vido® 3D System is using a passive measuring system, only large iron objects in the direct vicinity or on the scan field will be shown, and can influence the measuring result. All you will see on the graphical representation on your computer are the pure results of the ground scan.

How large is the area I can scan with the detector?

The maximum size of a test field is nearly unlimited. We recommend limiting the size of a scan field to avoid scanning mistakes. A good average size is 100 sq.m.

How can I see if I found gold?

The scan results, and all measurable anomalies in the ground will be shown in the evaluation window of the Tero Vido® 3D Software. Depending on the amount of mineralization, gold will be visible in red to orange color. The scanning process for natural gold requires some special attention. Please contact us for detailed information.

What is important to observe during scanning?

The most important thing is to walk slowly and steady, and observe the scan lines. All scan lines should be done in the same speed. Don’t shake the sensor during scan. Remember: it is always better to make a short pause when you get tired, by releasing the scan button, and continue from the same spot. A larger test field yields better results than a tiny scan field.

How high above the ground do I have to hold the probe head?

The distance between the ground and the sensor should be up to 15 cm, and should not change during the scan.

How fast can I scan with the detector?

You should scan with a normal walking speed.

Technical questions

Can I install the Tero Vido® 3D Software also on another computer?

Yes, a CD for the installation is coming with every detector. It can be sometimes helpful for the data analysis at home, to use a larger screen than the screen from the tablet.

What happens if I break or lose my USB-­‐Dongle?

For a broken, USB-­‐Dongle, please send it back to us or to your dealer, together with a copy of your warranty card. We will replace it for free within the warranty period. If you lose the USB-­‐Dongle, you have to contact us directly. We will issue a new one against a fee of 800 €. The USB-­‐Dongle is very important, so please make sure to take always good care of it!

Do I have to be connected to the Internet?

No, an Internet connection is not needed for scanning and analyzing. However, we recommend to connect your tablet with the internet from time to time to get free updates for the Tero Vido® 3D Software. Also, if you want to locate your scan via GPS and an online map service, you need an Internet connection.

How long does the battery of the sensor work?

Approx. 15 h

How long does it take to charge the battery of the sensor?

It takes 1 h with the included wall plug charger, and 4h with your vehicle input charger

How far is the maximum distance between the detector and tablet? Can I put the tablet near the scan field during scanning?

The maximum distance between Tablet and Detector is 10 m. We recommend to always carrying your tablet in the flexible pouch or mounted on the tablet holder.

Is the detector water resistant?

Yes, safety class IP 54, protected against splash water

What are the minimum requirements for a computer?

Operating System: Windows 8.1. or newer CD-­‐ROM drive; alternatively you can download the Tero Vido® 3D Software from our website. USB 2.0 – connector or higher Bluetooth (for headphones) Processor: 1 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Free storage on the HDD: 250 MB DirectX9 capable graphics card

Do I need a computer to analyze the data?

A tablet computer with pre-­‐installed Tero Vido® 3D Software is included in every detector. This is needed to analyze the data. You can also use your own computer.

How does the measuring system work?

It is a passive electromagnetic (EM) field measurement method with a 3-­‐axis sensor

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