New project in cooperation with Legenda

Military Archaeology Legenda ( is an organization that search´s the battlefields of Latvia for missing soldiers from WW1 and WW2. There aim is to search, recover and identify Russian and German soldiers from both conflicts.

Together we want to develop a new faster system in order to locate soldiers still missing.

Test Scan

Of course some tests are necessary. The first test scans were made on the hills near “Kraslava” on the 20th of September. Legenda attached an Tero Vido metal detector ( to a drone and it worked. They received very promising results.

It would be much more easier and faster to detect missing soldiers or objects on an open field with an device flying over the whole area.

We are looking forward to an successfull cooperation with Legenda, with the aim to develop an easy and fast way to perform good quality scans, no matter how large the area is. More tests will be done in the next time. For all the informations about the test and the results Legenda received, follow the link to read their full article.

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