Surprising find at the ruins of Schönrain

With the help of the Tero Vido Georadar, Cristel Focken from the Federal Association for Private Historians was able to help the association “Gefährten Schönrains & Freunde E.V.” in the search for a church that is said to have been located on the grounds of the Schönrain ruins.

The ruins of Schönrain am Main are among the oldest cultural monuments between Spessart and Würzburg. The castle ruins have a fascinating ca. 1,000-year history.

We didn´t expected this

During the measurements it was found that there was no church in the past. Surprisingly, however, clues were found to a fountain, as the Georadar indicated a very deep hole and traces of debris from a possible fountain house were visible. You can view the entire evaluation of the measurements at the following link.

We are looking forward to the next surprises that will be found with the help of our devices.

Burg Schönrain

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