In the FTZ with our project partner GCS

Being close to us teaches us more than mere theory, especially in the field of research and development.

Together with our project partner GCS ( we were at the EMV-Zentrum Leipzig, with which Tero Vido has been working since 2015. The EMC Centre is part of the FTZ Leipzig e.V. (Research & Transfer Centre, ), which belongs to the University of Leipzig but operates as an independent institution of applied research.. It is concerned with advising and supporting companies in the development of components, devices and products in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radiofrequency (HF).

Detailed presentations were given and then we got an extensive tour of the center. We were shown various test and measurement methods, including the large absorber chamber. The inner walls of the measuring chamber are metallically and electrically conductive, with absorbers attached to them, which can absorb electromagnetic waves.

Successful day at the EMC Centre

Many questions have been answered, but these have been answered in a very understandable way by the team of the EMC Centre.

It was a enlightening day for our cooperation partner GCS and for us and we hope for a successful cooperation in the future.

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