Search for soldiers in the Saldus area, Latvia

Since last year, Legenda ( and Rainer Seyferth have been searching for six missing soldiers in the Saldu area. As a support for the search, an aerial photograph from the summer of 1944 was used. The grave of the wanted soldiers is believed to be in a nearby area of a former homestead, where the search actively takes place. Due to weather conditions, it has only been possible to search irregularly in this area so far. However, it can be assumed that the assumption about the position of the soldiers is correct since ammunition and bones have already been found on the surface. To scan the area they used the Tero Vido X2021 Pro.

With the help of the property owner, two dog tags could be photographed, which he himself found in the area.

The search continues, hoping to find the six missing soldiers.

Tero Vido is happy about the great cooperation with Legenda and Rainer Seyferth and we are looking forward to new interesting expeditions.

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