“Tscheka-House” Project

The former building of the NKVD-KGB became the focus of a new project last December. With “The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia”, Rainer Seyferth from Legenda examined the dark parts of the now vacant building in order to discover new escape routes and tunnels from the building. With the Tero Vido X-2021 Pro, conspicuous areas could be discovered during the examination.

Rainer Seyferth using Tero Vido X-2021 Pro
Rainer Seyferth using Tero Vido X-2021 Pro

The building looks back on a difficult past. In the cells of the former NKVD-KGB building at the intersection of Stabu and Brivibas streets (in the USSR), Engels and Lenin were imprisoned on political charges and eventually shot in the cellars.

In addition, there are many legends about the deep floors, secret doors and underground passages of the exciting corner house.

The project of the Tscheka House was filmed as a documentary in which our device can be seen in action: https://rus.lsm.lv/statja/novosti/analitika/film-o-chem-molchit-dom-chk-na-uglu-engelsa-i-lenina.a436751/

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